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Let our cutting-edge camera system capture dynamic, slow-motion videos to give your guests high-speed cinematic experiences.

Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or special occasion, we don't just capture videos. We create unforgettable memories. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional clips and ensure you have a great time!


1. Holywood red carpet experience within reach. Our goal is to make the elegance and allure of the red carpet accessible to everyone at live events. 


2. Robotic cinematography. The robotic arm effortlessly captures angles and positions beyond human capability. Whether it's an aerial, close-up, or tracking shot, expect precision and ease.


3. Guided direction. The director selects the optimal path, edits it to fit factors like group size, attire, and surroundings, and advises them on positioning and actions.  With 12 distinct paths and five real-time editing choices, there's an impressive array of 60 video combinations to choose from.

4. Social share. Glambot's ability to instantly edit and share videos via text or email in real-time steals the spotlight. Within just a minute, users receive their videos, perfectly formatted and tailored for seamless social media sharing.


  • One dedicated on-site director

  • One engaging on-site host

  • Unlimited video sessions

  • Your logo watermark in videos

  • Instant Sharing via text and email

  • Optional advanced branding

  • Optional custom intro and outro videos

  • Custom background soundtrack

  • Red Carpet

  • LED lighting 

  • Online gallery

  • Setup, and breakdown 

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